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In 2015, Greenwich will be

celebrating its 375th

Anniversary. On New Year’s

Day at 1:00 p.m. bells rang

out throughout the Town to

mark the beginning of a

year-long series of programs

and events honoring

Greenwich’s rich history

and cultural heritage.


The year promises to be

an historic event. It will

focus on our history, but

will also seek to bring to

life how our past continues

to inform our lives today.

Join us as we celebrate our

Town's 375th anniversary

by participating in the
many programs and events

ahead. Stay

won't be disappointed!



Dedication of the 1640 Settlement Monument at Tomac Cemetery in 1938.

Left to right: Mrs. Ira Walton Henry, Mrs. Frank Reynolds, Garden Club of Old Greenwich members; Captain A. Lincoln Ford, donor of the monument; Mrs. Frank Howard, Garden Club member; the Reverend Alden S. Mosshammer; Oscar D. Tuthill, First Selectman; Mrs. Edwin Binney, President of the Historical Society and Miss Mabel Hendrie, genealogist. 

Courtesy of Greenwich Historical Society.

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