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A Brief History

Greenwich, the tenth town settled in Connecticut, was founded in 1640. Sited along the shore of

Long Island Sound and bordered by Stamford, Connecticut to the east, and New York to the

west and north,the Town encompasses almost

50square miles. 


Since its founding 375 years ago, when it was
17th century woodland inhabited by Native 
Americans, Greenwich has been transformed through the centuries into an 18th century American Revolutionary War battleground,
19th century New England farming community,
a 20th century home to gracious landed estates, and a 21st century dynamic,
multicultural suburb with the broadly diverse populations and neighborhoods of today. 

These three famous local historic landmarks, pictured at the turn of the 20th century, are quintessential examples of the Town's early 18th century architectural heritage. Above: the Thomas Lyon House; 

left: the Bush-Holley House, and below: Putnam Cottage/Knapp Tavern. Courtesy of Greenwich Historical Society.

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